My life and times in New Delhi

From my settled dorm room in kochi to the bustling streets of Delhi, my one month in the city was certainly a wonderful and exciting experience. As I left Kochi with uncertain expectations and unsure confidence, I was gripped with an euphoria to intern in the National Capital.
Delhi has always been one of my favorite cities. The seat of political power of the nation, where every man supposedly wields some sort of political influence. A city where ‘everybody is a somebody and nobody is a nobody’. It was always exciting to visit Delhi; but staying there for a month was a bit overwhelming. But, from my first day itself I was subjected to surprising hospitality of the Dilliwallahs. Be it the ‘PG wale uncle’ or the cycle-rickshawwallas or the fellow commuters, everyone.
I interned at an Environmental law firm whose lawyers practiced at the famed National Green Tribunal (NGT). I got to visit the courtrooms of Justice Swatanter Kumar and other such judicial and ecological heavy weights. With all the resources to groom my interest in Environmental Law, the office was always a cheerful workplace. I had the most wonderful and intellectually enriching interactions with the people at the office about politics, law and the environment. Sometimes about life at other Law schools and other cities. Interactions, which surely made ‘going to work’ very very interesting.

Luckily for me, my stay in Delhi also coincided with the announcement of results of the General Elections 2014. The celebrations thereafter all throughout the city were a spectacle to watch. The formalities and processes of the new government formation could be keenly followed, that too from Ground Zero.

Midway through my stay in Delhi, the sand storm hit the city and there was the minor earthquake of course. The storm brought everything to a standstill. The metro line was disrupted and the cellphone networks were down. Massive tree felling had blocked major roads.
Unfortunately, during my stay in Delhi I had to counter high mercury levels, over-crowded buses, traffic jams and severe time crunches! I could not visit any of the big-hyped places. But I did enjoy my stay to the fullest-exploring the city as much as I could. The cafes at Hauz Khas village were perfect for spending the weekends.
An interactive mentor, an amazing co-intern, superb friends, a brilliant roommate and a fabulous city. As I prepare to leave this magnificent city, I look back to one of my most memorable and learning experience! An experience which has made me a bit more confident and a lot more curious. An experience which will encourage me to look at newer opportunities and explore exciting avenues.
Until we meet again the next time, Delhi! đŸ™‚



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