My views on Narendra Modi

Of late, I have been accused of being a ardent(read as blind and unreasonable) Modi follower. Some of them have even gone to the extent of accusing me of following his Hindutva ideology and being divisive. I wish to clarify my position once and for all here. Yes, I am a Modi follower, but not a blind and surely not an unreasonable one. I support his candidature for Prime Ministership because of his proven administrative skills. This belief is not based on the propoganda done by him and his party but my own study based on the data on Government Websites. Whilst I support him, I do accept that he is not the perfect man for this post. How much ever he denies and takes refuge in the fact that the apex court has exonerated him, Mr. Modi failed to fulfil his moral duty during the 2002 riots.
But then look at this: After the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots this is what Rajiv Gandhi said, “When a big tree falls, the ground shakes.” Even after such an irresponsible justification for failing to prevent the riots, the nation gave him a chance and he proved his worth. It was unfortunate that he could not complete all his initiatives due to his assasination in 1991.
Similarly, I believe Narendra Modi should be given a chance. Mr. Modi is autocratic and pro-private ownership of business. He fails to inspire confidence among the minorities and comes of as a very divisive person. There are many more reasons to dislike him than to appreciate his skills. But, the nation needs a decisive leader like him right now. Also, India is a pretty sucessful and open democracy. Due you seriously believe that he can let happen another riot in this country and get away with it? Wouldn’t he have learned from his Gujarat experience, how costly his mistake proved to be. I support Modi, not because I am in love with him but because there is no other better and viable alternative. This is the unfortunate truth that the nation has to accept.

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